Marcus & Millichap Corporate Social Responsibility & Human Rights Statement of Policy


MARCUS & MILLICHAP conducts our business in an ethical manner, operating with integrity in all matters. We expect and will hold our business partners to the same high ethical standards and integrity expectations. We believe businesses should respect internationally recognized human rights and we are committed to avoid causing or contributing to adverse human rights impacts through our activities and we endeavor to address such impacts if they occur.

Specifically, Marcus & Millichap believes in the protection and dignity of all persons regardless of color, creed, gender, or nationality. This includes, but is not limited to the protection of minority groups and the advancement of gender rights, and the belief that among many other things, that safe communities, freedom from persecution based on ones gender or religion, access to education, and the availability of safe drinking water are fundamental human rights.

Although Marcus & Millichap’s core business doesn’t directly impact many of these rights, its commitment to human rights calls upon our employees, independent contractors, clients, vendors, business partners, and communities to uphold human rights and to transparently report their efforts. If we do not see the same commitment from such business partners, we will no longer choose do business with them.


MARCUS & MILLICHAP endeavors to create a workplace that is welcoming, diverse, inclusive, equitable, safe, engaged and respectful of all people.

We do so through a series of trainings and other professional development opportunities, including but not limited to:

  • Marcus & Millichap University
  • Management and Legal Trainings
  • Sexual Harassment Trainings
  • Safety Trainings
  • Various other trainings for both our Employees and Independent Contractors
  • Having specific and targeted Policies that are frequently reviewed to address the ever-changing landscape of workplace issues

We monitor employee satisfaction and engagement through embedded management, human resource, and legal departments. We also offer employees several methods to advise the company of any workplace or compliance issues, including a confidential reporting hotline monitored by the Company’s Compliance Officer.


MARCUS & MILLICHAP endeavors to transmit our commitment to human rights to everyone in our sphere of influence, including our board of directors, senior management team, managers, employees, independent contractors, clients, vendors, business partners, and communities.

We try to enrich our community and embrace and inform our Stakeholders by:

  • Maintaining a Code of Ethics and monitoring compliance.
  • Reviewing Environmental, Health & Safety matters at the Board level through a quarterly review of any material EH&S issues by our Audit Committee.
  • Regularly reviewing and evaluating policies./li>
  • Enforcing our policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring systems that identify, prevent, and account for adverse human rights impacts.
  • Endeavoring in all things to make a positive, proactive contribution to society and human rights.
  • Holding our executives accountable for our commitment to human rights.
  • Communicating the Company’s commitment to those within our sphere of influence (clients, vendors, business partners, and communities).
  • Auditing our organization for its commitment to human rights.
  • Reporting on our progress in ensuring these human rights.
  • Revising and enhancing this policy statement as is needed going forward to ensure it is both timely and all encompassing.


MARCUS & MILLICHAP’s story is one of persistence and service. The Company’s commitment in this document is to apply these principals, its values, and its influence to enhance society and effect positive change in the world wherever it can. The Company recognizes the enormity of this challenge and understands change will not occur by its efforts alone. It understands that it will need to remain nimble and self-reflective in its efforts to achieve its goals. The endeavor will be difficult, but MARCUS & MILLICHAP commits itself to the journey nonetheless.


Updated February 11, 2020